The Robins Ranch' Wonderful Westies

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Our History



R. R.'s Hello Mr. Chips
Terribly Spoiled by Teresa Morlan!


37 Years of Dedication and Compassion.
The Best of care: Medical, Physical, Nutritional and Mental. Combined with an unconditional Love
in this Family Ranch environment.
Each one: Retirees, show or our "just for fun friends" are treated equal.
Our litters are few, but the puppies we have are obnoxiously spoiled!
Kissed,  hugged and mannered to ensure a well balanced, secure and a loyal friend for many quality years to come!

We believe in keeping the standards,  
Intelligence & playfulness,
Affectionate & Loyal.
Not only to be appealing to the eye, but have the health, stamina, drive and correct conformation to be capable of their original task. 

On a personal note"  " I can't express in words what these kids mean to me...  they are  my BEST friends"
Once you have had a Westie, You will Never recover.
They will wrap you around their paw, so will never know when or how they did it.
They will re-train you to their every need and desire.
And you will Joyfully try to make their every wish come true~
To place these puppies is a terribly hard job, I want to keep them all!
They're new home must be Perfect, with out a doubt.



Dedicated to Excellence
Home of the Perfectly Pampered

The Robins Ranch
Fernwood, Idaho

208 245 5433



westie spoken fluently here